Saturday, January 14, 2012

Upcoming stuff to do to the Windy

Just spent an enjoyable afternoon at a large RV shew here in DenBRRRR, Colorady. Nice stuff, but I'ma 'preciating the Windy even more - paid for, yew see!

Have some projects to do whilst the chill winter winds blow. I noticed the other day that the switches for the slides are not working too well, so that will be on the check list for a quick repair. I'ma gonna remove half of the dinette and use some matching free-standing chairs instead. That'll give a little more room inside. I want to replace the oversize sleeper sofa with a slightly smaller, lighter jacknife sofa. That'll save some weight. Vacuum and shampoo the carpet 'n shine up the wood work. I'd like to replace the saloon tv with an HD skinny tv. Then an outside wash and its first polish 'n wax ever.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Snewy Morning.... It's Almost Broncos' Time!

A beautiful mornin' on the Front Range. Couple inches o' fresh snew, cobalt-blue skies, and an opportunity for the Broncos to putta whuppin' on the Steelers in the only proper venue for football: an open-air stadium!