Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Euro Motorhomes

Folks like to camp in style in Europe just like they do on this side of the pond. European motorhomes tend to be lighter and smaller than American motorhomes due to the narrow secondary roads and the higher petrol prices. Here are some examples of modern European motorhomes. Enjoy!

One of these motorhomes is American-made! Can you guess which one? For bonus points, match the interiors with the motorhome they belong to.

Euro Buses

When traveling in Europe we were impressed with the design of European buses. They seemed more aerodynamic than American buses. Here are some examples of modern Euro buses. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Texas High Plains, 2009

Listening to satellite radio in San Antone.

Hitched up and ready to leave San Antone for the Plains.
On the road to Amarillo.

Lots of wind power up heah to generate electricity.

All set up in Amarillo.

Storm comin'.
Motorcycles at the KOA

Tricycles, too!

Trike Olympics.

Ancient Native Texan.

The windmill made in my home town.
Mary examining a car. Not for sale.

Absolutely nothin' for miles and miles.
Horses near Palo Duro Canyon.

Moon over the KOA.
The Cadillac Ranch.
The family that grafittis together um, creates 'art' together?

Campground in Palo Duro Canyon.

'Nuther storm comin'.

Stuck on the wrong side of the flood. Took hours to get back to the campground and then we drove the 'Windy through high waters to another campsite.
Amarillo has a zoo.
Lots of rain on the way back to Houston.