Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sin Sity!

 The RV park is here.

 Rest stop on I-70 near Dillon.

 The leaves be changing.

 The Windy appreciates a scenic rest stop.

 SHE™ 'n Spoo restin' a spell.



 The Windy restin' in Utah.

 It's night time and all's quiet.

 Settin' up the utilities.

 The rent car.

 The tree trimmers kept the dates!

 Somebody tore SHE™'s hat.

 Biers is nears!

 Houses I can't afford near Lake Mead.

 Hoover Dam.

 A new bridge behind Hoover Dam. You can't see nothin' from on top of it.

 Lake Mead.

 Night time in Vegas Baby.

 A date palm.

 Spoo takin' a shower.

 Home cookin' in the Windy.

 I think it's too big for the space.

 SHE™ usin' the iPad.

 I can has slot machine, please?

 At Caesars Palace.

 Thingy doodads on display.

 Now THAT'S a clothing store!

 BLT and field weeds. The fingers appetizer was very tasty.

 Noodity in Vegas Baby?? Who'da thunk?

 At The Venetian in Vegas Baby.

 Warmin' uppa biscuit.

 Rain in the desert!

Havin' a little lunch in the Windy at the No Name Rest Stop in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.