Monday, August 25, 2014

Viewing the 2014 USA PRO CHALLENGE Vail Time Trial

Took the 2 hour drive west on I-70 to Vail to enjoy a wet 'n chilly Time Trial at the 4th iteration of this feisty young bike race. We prefer to watch the majority of the stages on the telly, but a time trial stage is ideal for live, in person viewing. You can really get a close up view of the riders and soak up some sport atmosphere up in the 'tains!

 Dillon Reservoir, looking south towards Breckenridge.

Fog on the ski slopes.

This is the closest thing you'll see to an alleyway in Vail. Beautiful trees and landscaping throughout the town.

 Now I finally understand how ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS works!

 Setting up for the race.

Let the ridin' begin!

 Oh noes. Rain coming.

 The pavement was wet, then drier, then wet again as the time trial went on.

Oh lookie! I'm in 3 official fotos! Thazz me in the gray sweatshirt with the orange/white/blue hat. I enjoyed the view whilst SHE™ preferred to stay comfy inside.

 The police had a ball.

 The race leader, Tejay van Garderen. He had the fastest time trial time and eventually won the entire race.

 Putting everything away. NBCSN televised the 7 day race.

 The Aspen trees be watching me.


 Today's jersey winners.

 I'ma hungry for a burger for some reason.

 The stream runs thru all of Vail. Really nice, expensive condohs here.

 I may be an amateur photog, but I can shoot the bird with the best of 'em.

 Fleurs everywhere!

After the time trial, SHE™ and I had some Deutsch lebensmittel.
It's hard living in Colorady, but somebody has to do it!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Approaching Indian Summer

 There are no bad spots at Cherry Creek.

 Sunset over the lake.

Got's my wifi and satellite radio.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Wandering Colorado

This time around RMNP.

 As we left TEH CONDOH, I had to get these shots of our fleur beds. The bees love 'em!

 Inside RMNP. Beautyful!

Gotta stay in this RV park in Estes Park.