Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter At Cherry Creek State Park

Driving the dam.

Denver Tech Center is nearby.

The flatty ready to install.

 The olde tv is out.

This sucker is heavy! Glad it isn't overhead no more.

HD in the Windy!

Nighttime in the Windy.

Gooses in the snew.

Bloo skies.

The lake is froze. You can see Pike's Peak in the distance.

Nearby Rockies.

The lake, dam, 'n Rockies.

BRONCOS sunset.

Cherry Creek.

One of many paths.

Time to go.

We have a few places left to go.

Friday, January 11, 2013

DenBRRRR Welcomes January

January in DenBRRR means chill temperatures, occasional snew, and Broncos playoff games.

Here comes some snew that wasn't supposed to be here yet!

A good day to sit by the fire in TEH CONDOH'S Activity Center.

The gooses are fine with the weather.

A little while later, a nice dusting o' snew.

Then the sun came out whilst the last of the snew fell.