Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Puttering Thru Northern Colorady

Took a 2 day putter between Denver and Steamboat Springs earlier this week. Drove I-70 and Hwy. 40 to and Hwy. 131 and I-70 fro. 

Overnighted at the Steamboat Grand Resort at the base of the ski slope. Nope, no snew, but lots of green and fleurs. 

Looking out the balcony at some aspen trees.
This was a comfy bed.
Comfy furniture and a fireplace.
Pulled poke, slaw, waterymelon for lunchie. Oh, and a mojito or 2.
Nice weather for the putter-about.
Feet up. Yup. Fireplace on. Yup.
No snew on the 'tain, but lots of grass 'n trees.
The road to somewhere.
Some nice fleurs will be out in a few days.

Along Hwy. 131 north of Avon.
Colorful weeds!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Chihuly Exhibit At Denver Botanical Gardens

 SHE™ amongst le fleurs.

 Bees gotta drink!

 Glass art amongst le fleurs.

 A shaded resting spot.

 Lots of flutterbys out and about.

 Is this a wermy tree?

 A tale o' two towers.

 A garbage thief!

 A 'nother wermy thing!

 After visiting the Gardens, we went to Lodo's and et upstairs on the PATIOH. I noticed two rather snazzy police cars down below. Nice rides.
 A nice, chilled Coors Light 'n lemon.

We et salade 'n sammich.