Friday, July 20, 2012

A Tour of the Broadmore Hotel in Colorado Springs

We took a day trip with some nebbors to visit this fine old hotel and have a bite of lunchie afterwards. The Broadmore is an incredible resort that has a great view of the mountains. Unfortunately, the day after we visited, the devastating Waldo Canyon fire started.

 On da bus to Colorado Springs.

 Italian artisans finished all this on time and on budget.

 The front entrance looks so good, we gots two pictures of it.

 Comfy lounges all over the place.

 A bar.

 Nice light fixture.

 Your photographer in the hall o' famous peeps who've stayed here.

 The grounds are really nice.

 One of the springs in Manitou Springs.

No fire, yet.

Wandering Around Colorado Springs

Recently enjoyed a nice week in Colorado Springs. The Waldo Canyon fire emergency was over, and it seemed like a good idea to spend a little dough locally.

Mom in law relaxin' in the Windy.

Beastie relaxin'.

Looking over Manitou Springs from Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods.

This is no joke. Since our last visit, over a hundred homes were lost in a terrible fire here.

America's mountain, Pike's Peak.

The cog train on top o' the mountain, near the gift shop. As seen from miles away!

Pathway at Garden of the Gods.

Pile o' huge ole boulders.

A lake on the Pike's Peak drive. Lake levels throughout Colorado are low due to the ongoing drought.


Cog train at the summit.

End of the track!

Lookin' down on Colorado Springs.

Lookin' down the other side.

Le fleur.

A chairlift at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Downtown Colorado Springs from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The famous and expensive Broadmore Hotel seen from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Whutchu lookin' at?

'Nother critter.

Feelin' small.

I hope there's always thick glass twixt me and a grizzled barr!

In the rain!

Pike's Peak road is now paved all the way up!

Do you mind? I'ma trying to get a little sun here!

Gotta check for barbeque brakes on the way down.

Yet another critter.

Some of the burn damage from the Waldo Canyon fire.

The fire stopped just above this little town.