Sunday, March 19, 2017

Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak

 After checking into the HOTel, time for some deelish Colorady/Mex food. Fish tacos,  steak, beansanrice, and 'ritas.

 Hint: They've helped the rock stay balanced.

 Enjoyable drive in Garden o' the Gods.

 Pikes Peak beyond Manitou Springs.

 Looking east towards the Great Plains. To the left of the highway is the burn scar from a  YUUUGE fire from a few years ago.

 The Pikes Peak highway.

 Up on top!

 Lots of peeps wandering The Springs.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday Drive In Teh Rockies

Driving between Evergreen and Idaho Springs.

Snew at altytude!

Breaking in the new heap on a fun mount'n road. That's not where I would put a license plate, so's I'll be looking for a custom license plate mount soon.

The Great Plains in the distance.

Echo Lake, near the turnoff to Mt. Evans.

Colorady has local beers everywhere.

Highway 6, west of DenBRRRRR. This is the same Highway 6 that goes thru my home town of Kendallville, Indiananner.