Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Houston Livestock Show. Yeee Hawww!

Today was sunny and warm. Must be all the methane in Houston's air due to the livestock show and rodeo. Anyhoo, the bride and me hopped the lite rail to Reliant Center and enjoyed all the food, sights, and smells, and I do mean smells, of the livestock show. There was quite a crowd. By the time we left, the hordes were pouring in the gates. Metro was running the lite rail trains at two minute intervals, and the trains heading into the Reliant Center were packed!

The train cometh.

This is why Houstonians are considered to be amongst the fattest folks in the Nation! Them taters were goooooood!

Das Boot.

Haaaappy Traaaails tooo yoooooo... On a quilt at the show.

A baby 'roo!

A metal (brr) bedpan guitar!

A big honkin' super-duper Texas-sized pickum-up truck! Just what yew need to haul that fat (see the giant grill above), um, backside, around the back 40!!

I've heard in the news that there has been a mysterious disappearance of bees around the country. It appears they are all headed down here to the livestock show!

Do not eat this egg. The chick will be mad.

Future KFC.

Future Quarter Pounder With Cheese.

"Don't make me spit in your eye!"

The swimmin' pig gets dried off. Sorry, I missed the picture of the actual swimmin'.

A cutting horse ... cutting.

San Antonio In January, Brrrrrr!

I take vacation at odd times. This year, it was January. Well, we decided to stay close and go to San Antonio for a few days. It was the coldest weather of the winter. But it was restful.

Nothing like a warm cat on a cold day!

Yawn, beddy-bye time!

Icy Steps. We had sleet for two or three days. No snue, sadly.

Hot coffee is a good thing on a day like this!

It was nice and warm inside the 'Windy! Sorry, I couldn't resist it!

Some bric-a-brac in the bedroom.

A house in Castroville. Castroville was founded by Alsatians from France. It is the next big thang for booming San Antonio. Soon, this town will be a big suburban area. Right now, it is still quaint and tidy.

A French style cheese shoppe in Castroville.

This was one of only two sunny days during our vacation.

Brew and food in Fredericksburg. In the hill country.

An old hospital. Now a shoppe.

The house where Admiral Nimitz was born is now... you guessed it, a shoppe.

The Beastie having a 'meow'.

The Windy, ready to head for home.

A beauty-ful rest stop. Unlike some states, Texas not only has nice rest stops, you can even stay a while to actually rest! Overnight is OK.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dumbest Police Department In The Nation!

The Cartoon Network ran an unconventional advertising scheme in several cities around the nation. They placed a lit-up cartoon character around to advertise one of their shows. Of the cities enjoying the madcap festivities, only in Bahston, Massahootsits did the police think that the lit-up cartoon character was a bomb. A bomb????? Are you kidding me????

I travel around a bit. I'd like to think the places I visit are not too dumb. To help out the Dumbest Police Department in the Nation™, I am running this quick seminar on cartoon bombs. Class, pay attention:



Not a Bomb.

Thanks. It's the least I can do to help the terminally dumb.