Saturday, April 24, 2010

East Texas Wildflower Hunt (Beaumont)

We took off for a quick look thru SE Texas, just north of Beaumont, to see some wildflowers. Well, there were a lot of 'em along the road, but we could find no fields of flowers like you see near Brenham. But we did enjoy the woods and lakes.

The fire department met us at our hotel. A false alarm.

A bite of food at the Spindletop Steak House in Beaumont, TX. This morsel is a blackened catfish covered with a spicy tomato 'stew' over rice with some greenbeenz on the side. MMMMmmmMMMM good with a Bud ina icy mug!

Downtown Beaumont is ded. Quiet. Somnolent. Sleepy.

Hmm. No flowers here. Just Mary mugging for the camera.

No flowers here. Oh, look! A 'diller!

Hmm. Hope my catfish didn't come from here.

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


ARK from grzegorz jonkajtys on Vimeo.

Getting Ready for a Quickie Trip

Will be going somewhere in Texas for a few days later this month. Checked up on the Windy today and she started right up. Don't see any excessive wear or crackin' on the 3 year old tires. Will take her to a truck tire place next week to have the tires rotated and the air pressure topped off. You must treat your tires with respect on such a large vehicle!