Friday, July 26, 2013

A Visit To The Denver Arboretum

It was too nice a day to sit in TEH CONDOH™, so off we went to another visit to the Denver Arboretum. In my humble opinion, the 3 best places to see le fleurs are the Arboretum in San Antonio, the Japanese Gardens in Portlandia, Oregon, and the Arboretum here in Denver. Here's a few pictures...

That is a great location for a CONDOH!

No concert today. Bummer.

Drove thru Lowry on the way home. Lowry is a new nebberhood that has developed where the former Lowry AFB use to be. Thousands of folks have moved into a really nice, new nebberhood. This is one of the former hangars that is now an ice skating rink. You can see the outdoor hockey arena just outside the building! Hay, this is 'rady, after all!

Amblin' In The Nebberhood...

I'ma told I'ma too fat, so I'ma trying to get a little exercise. So the bride and I took a walk around the nebberhood this morning in the nice, thin, cool Denver air.

Le fleurs are outstanding this year. One of the best things about living in 'rady is the summer fleurs!