Sunday, April 24, 2016

RTD Weekend

Rode the new commuter rail to DIA on Saturday and spent the night in the new Westin DIA hotel. Et some expensive food and watched planes land and take off. My kinda weekend!

 First, we parked teh Tribby at a lite rail station and hopped on the H train to downtown.

Then we rode the free Mall Ride up 16th Street Mall to Union Station. Lots of folks had the same idea.

 Time to grab lunchie at a new restaurant in the remodeled Union Station.

 Ruben is a friend of mine!

 The revitalized Union Station looks abolutely FABOO!

 90,000 peeps rode the free (for a couple days) A Line to the airport. Most of 'em were in our line. Luckily, the line moved fast.

 This type of commuter rail has been around for a while, but it's a first for DenBRRRR. It joins the popular lite rail system. More lite rail will come on line later this year.

 Whisking along to DIA.

 Some people think the Weston at DIA is kinda weird looking.

 One of the lobbies at the new hotel, looking toward the main airport terminal building.

 The train platform seen from the hotel. The artwork is logs made from beetle kill trees. Sadly, Colorady has lots of trees killed by beetles, since recent winters have been too warm.

 Looking down on lots of peeps waiting to board the train to return to Union Station. We had a great view from the 12th floor room.

 The hotel room was done up in neutral shades of beige, brown, off white...

 A cold front blowed in, giving us a nice sky to look at. Mebby with the new train, all them peeps won't have to pay the high parking fees to park in these massive lots and garages.

 Gotta watch some hockey!

 The airport terminal lit up at night.

 I ain't satisfied with our condoh bathroom. I want one that looks like this 'un.

 There's jalapeno bison sausage in there.

 SHEWHOMUSTBEOBEYED™looking over the terminal from the upper hotel lobby.

 Pikes Peak can be seen from the hotel.

 Here's them beetle killeded logs I mentioned.

Sunday, time to return home. This time the train rides cost 9 bucks.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Opening Day of the A Train

First passenger-carrying run in DenBRRRRR from Union Station downtown to DIA. Photos via Channel 4.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Campin' At Teh State Park

Mt. Evans, to the west of DenBRRRR. In the summer, there's a breath-taking, literally, drive to the top. You get to spend a couple hours at least over 14,000 up in the sky.

Pikes Peak, to the south of DenBRRRR. We're looking over the city of Centennial from Cherry Creek State Park.

The Denver Tech Center seen from the park and reservoir. Nice views from them buildings.

The snew is gone from the "lower" elevations.

One a my favorite spots. Shady in summer, fairly sunny in winter. You can watch the goings on from here.

My bride is working on a quilt for vets.

I'm either cleaning up the insides of the Windy or farting around. About equal amounts of each.

Sunset, in case you were wondering.

The Windy is still winterized, so I didn't hook up the plumbing.