Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip Day One

Helloooo everybody from KOA East - Lafayette, LA. Cajun country. Land o' the boudain.

Beautyful weather. Sunny. Warm. Sitting here with a mojito under the trees. Here's an update for Day One...

Ready to leave Houston for Indiananner

The Brake Buddy is attached to be sure the car and motoryhome stop quickly!

The Saturn is firmly attached.

Leaving town.

A casino in Louisiana. We don't have them in Texas. So millions of dollars annually travels to Louisiana from Texas!

Friday, October 24, 2008

T - 1

Looks like good traveling weather. Now that Autumn is here, we'll have cool traveling. I alway say you should be cool when you travel. Plus, it saves on electricity not running the A/Cs.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

T - 2

The Windy is resting for now, all clean and loaded with clothes and um, cat litter...

I had fun airing up the fronts. I had to remove the purdy chrome wheel covers so the air pump fitting would screw on tight. It takes the pump about one minute per pound of air, but after a while the tyres were properly inflated. I did manage to blow a fuse.

I'm gonna wait until after this trip to do the digital tv thingy. I do think that I have a broken antenna, so I'll pack an antenna that I can rig outta sight inside. Gotta be careful with those outside antennae.

I remember one time, leaving a park on the beach down in Galveston, I noticed someone twirling their hand in the air. That's the universal motorhomer's sign for, "Hay, stooopid, you left your antenna up!" I think the antenna just broke because of old age, or over-exuberant cranking.

Oh, did I mention that I've shined the tyres? Lookin' showroom fresh!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip Preparations

I've been getting Windy ready today for the trip Nawth. First it was a drive to the Discount Tire store to check the balance on the front tyres. Apparently, DT doesn't make enough money on 19.5 tyres, so they refused to do work they've done in the past, saying somebody's tyre blew sometime somewhere. Hawgwash. 19.5s are safe since they're one piece wheels.

Anyhoo, after a good grumble, I washed up Windy and it looks goood.

Tomorry I'm gonna get an off-air digital receiver and rig an electronic antenna and run all that thru the satellite receiver so the tv system will be up to date for the 'digital conversion' coming next year. DirecTV's H20 receivers will pick up off-air broadcasts and incorporate those channels into the guide. Two problemos I have are that the newer H21 receivers don't pick up off-air channels and the satellite tooner in the Windy is an older model anyhoo. But my older model does pass thru off-air tv. I'll upgrade it when I ditch the reg'lar tv and put an hdtv up front. Then I'll have off-air and satellite hd. I'll probably never go outside.... no, wait, I can watch tv outside. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Autumn, so it's time for a journey!

Heading off to Tennessee and Indiananner at the end of the month just because it's there. I know, I know... Most peeps head the other direction as winter approaches. But I'm different, 'K?

Got the Windy all gassed up. Replaced a burned out lite bulb and verified that all three brand-spankin' new batteries are performing properly. I replaced 'em all by myself! All the mechanicals are good to go.

I'll post pics.