Friday, September 30, 2011

Colorado Fall Colors, 2011

Indian Summer is here on the Front Range, so SHE™ and I took a little drive on the Peak To Peak Highway from near I-70 up to Estes Park, Colorado. The colors in the northern parts of  the state are spectacular. Another week or two will have the southern areas ablaze, too!

A creek near Golden (Home of Coors Bier).

In the high country.

Starting to see some color!

Nice spot for a house.

Yeller Aspen trees mixed in with the pines.

Yellow is the predominant color change in Colorady.

Except where it's red.

Lots of peeps line the roadsides taking pics.

We hiked around this lake in the National Park. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colorado Springs, September 2011

Took the Windy down to camp at Colorado Springs. Mary & I took a nice long walk at the Garden Of The Gods and snapped a few pictures. Click on 'em to get the enlarged version!

This ol' plane was flying around giving rides.

Houses I can't afford with Pike's Peak in the background. Yep, that be snew on the mountain top.

Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs are down theah somewheres.

The Peak.



Wandering the gardens.

Folks love to climb the rocks. Even the little kiddos!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

One more month a camping for TEH WINDY™ before winter bedtime!

While we lived in Tejas, we were able to RV year 'round, but up here in the frigid northlands, it ain't easy to do that. There's the small, EXPENSIVE problem of freezin' pipes and stuff. I cannot afford $2000.00 worth of plumbing repairs every year! So, for the first time in 'er 7 year lifetime, I will winterize TEH WINDY™ and let 'er slumber for 5 months.

But before we switch to cabins, we got 4 more weeks to camp in the outback! TEH WINDY™ passed her 2 year physical (state inspection) with flying colors the other day.  Don't let me forget to pick up the Colorado license plates on Tuesday.

An Afternoon At The Denver Botanical Gardens

With sunny skies and room temperatures, who could say no to a walk amongst the posies? Not me! Be sure to click on the pictures to HUGEIFY your photographic experience!


Water bubbles on a spider web.

Blue Spruce. "May I call you 'Spruce'?"

SHE™ engulfed by fleurs.

Rooftop deck onna nearby hirise.

Sunfleurs! Or mebby daisies...

Weird evildoers.

A variety of evergreens.

Squirrel getting ready for winter. Do not mess with his nuts!