Thursday, November 26, 2015

Post-Cruise LA and Long Beach

 For some reason, there's not a lot of seafood on the cruise botes, so we went to this Joe's  Crabshack in Seal Beach for some crabs 'n stuff.

 Sunday morning, and some old cars congregate outside our hotel.

 The coast from the hills.

 A bunch of motorcyclists were zipping up 'n down Mulholland Drive.

 Along Mulholland Drive in the Santa Monica mountains.

 Don't worry, if you're too dumm to get out of the shower, someone will provide helpful  instructions.

 At the LA arboretum.

 Tallest palm trees I never did see!


 Nice roses.

 Downtown LA has several multi-cultural areas.

 We drove every freeway in LA. I lost count of how many! Not pictured is our drive down  Sunset Blvd. Quite a strip!

 Heading back to DenBRRRRRR.

Got home just in time to see Teh Cowgirls lose again.

Mexican Riviera Cruise, November 2015

Several years ago, we took a similar cruise on the Nordic Prince. You can see that trip elsewhere on this blog. Well, it was time to go back, this time on Carnival! We had a great time on the Miracle.

 Time to board the bote! Long Beach has a nice harbor. There's the Queen Mary, where we stayed pre-cruise.

 SHE™ reading the safety instructions at Mustard, er, Muster.

 Harbor police and pilot boat.

 A salade and wine at the steakhouse. Dang, I forgot to get a picture of the steak. Oh well,  it was gooooooood! Trust me.

 First sunset at sea.

 Reasonably-priced internet is available on the bote.

 Nice cabin!

 Problems will be fixed quickly.

The theme of the bote is literature, so there was literature everywhere. Sort of.

 This is Elevator Babe.

 The west coast of Mexico.

 Contemplating the sea and clothes.

 Wake up (get it?), it's morning at sea!

 Oh my!

 Serenity Deck.

 Buttcrack man!

 Two folks got sick and were evacuated, with their famblies, in Cabo. Then off to the first  port, Puerto Vallarta.

 The cabin was rather high up theah.

 Arriving for a 2 day visit to Puerto Vallarta.

 A small bote and 2 big botes.

 Great food, drank, and views on the lido deck eatery.

 Back on Serenity...

 Did I mention the great food 'n drank?

 Time to go. Hmm. Did some folks get left behind?

 Leaving Puerto V.

 Cabo Wabo!

 Well, first breakfast, then Cabo Wabo.

 Tendering into Cabo.

 Senor Frogs.

 The marina at Cabo Wabo.

 2 Princess botes were also at Cabo San Lucas.

 Nice hallways on the bote.

 Sunsets are nice at sea.

 Top 'o the bote.

 Last sunset at sea. Dang.

 Arrival in Long Beach.

SHE™don't want to get off.