Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Drive To Mt. Evans

A gold mine just outside of Idaho Springs, CO.

Rushing mountain stream.

You'da loved this pan-fried trout. 

Mountain lake.

View from up high.

Flowers in the tundra.

Lookin' down from Mt. Evans at 14,000+ feets.

Top o' the mountain. 29ยบ and windy.

Looking down at the mountain lake.

The highest road in the continental USA.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Camping Near Outinthemiddleofnowhere, Colorado

We recently spend a cool and windy weekend dry camping for free on BLM lands not too far from Denver. Met some new buds and drank a few Buds, too!

I ain'ta going to tell you where this is, because it's a secret.

Haze filled the air from New Mexico fires on Saturday, but the air was clear by Sunday.

We circled the wagons to form a windbreak from the strong southerly winds.

Camping at 8000 feet. Great views all around.

A classic Airstream motoryhome!

The Windy survived the bouncy-bounce on the rough backcountry "roads".