Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring In The Front Range. Can You Tell?

Winter Storm Walda visits us. Apparently, snew isn't uncommon here in the "Spring".

The snew has only just begun to fall today.

Senor Frogg isn't too happy.

President O'Bama Visited DenBRRRRR Again

He was here to talk about sensible gun legislation. He didn't confiscate nobody's guns, neither.

I got a picture of Air Force One as the Prez left DenBRRRRRR for Californy.

Early April Walkabout

Early Spring in the Front Range can be warm, cold, wet, dry. With some rain in the area, we figured that it was warm enough on this day to get a liddle exercise by walking in a nearby state park. So we did.

The vegetation hasn't woke up from the winter chill yet.

We got pelicans!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Hotelin' On 16th Street Mall

Spent a couple nites at the Sheraton in DenBRRRR and enjoyed a fun and expensive couple days.

OOO, lots of extra pillows!

Nice cityscape view from the room.

These guys can really play them drums.

16th Street Mall bisects downtown DenBRRRRRRRRRRR.

Colorado brews a zillion different biers. This ole English style bier is over 10% bierkyhaul by volume. Hic. I only had one small sample of this 'un.

Gotta have a burger!

The Capitol building under renov, as seen from a nearby nebborhood.

The Sheraton is a wonderful hotel. It started out as a Hilton and was recently renovated and rebranded. The bigger of the two towers was designed by a famous builder/designer named Pei. The tower we stayed in used to be a large department store with an ice skating rink. Interesting history that can be read about on the hotel website.

Everything costs at this hotel. The rooms are expensive, the food in the hotel is expensive, but the bier/burger joint attached is reasonable. The parking cost is breathtaking and you gotta pay for interweb access. Makes RVing look affordable!