Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Hill Country by Minnie Winnie

This was the first trip in our almost new Minnie Winnie. This was January of 2002.

I like to stop frequently at rest stops. Texas has some of the nicest rest stops in the Nation.

It's nice to know that in Texas, you can spend the night at a rest stop in safety and get a few "Zs" if you are tired.

This was the first visit to Pedernales Falls in many years. This is the purdiest part of Texas. I always expect to see John Wayne amblin' by at any time!

Some cactus.

Indigenous wildlife (deer).

Deer wander around the campsites and watch the human campers with a detached interest.

The Minnie Winnie was our first RV. It did have a comfy bedroom.

An evening view of a tree.

Texas is a purdy state.

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