Friday, January 06, 2006

South Texas New Year 2006

We spent New Year 2006 at a beautiful RV park behind the dunes on Mustang Island, Texas. Thanks to global warming, we enjoyed room temperature and sunny afternoons the entire time!

Just before nite arrives, the water color becomes deeper and more subtle at the same time!

Nite falls on the beach.

Beastie Boy enjoys traveling. Just don't put him in a cat carrier!

Late afternoon on Mustang Island. This is the land of the Winter Texan.

Rowdy likes to take a rest.

"The others" take to the boat, or try to fish.

The Spoo takin' a rest.

Some guy fishing in the Laguna Madre.

Corpus Christi, Texas. You can take a nice bayside drive from downtown toward Padre Island. Some lucky folks live along the drive and have this view of downtown.

These birds are wintering at Rockport, Texas.

Birds love South Texas in the winter. There is a "birding trail" that you can drive to see all the winged Winter Texans.

The rv site on Mustang Island.

This rv park has large, landscaped spaces. No two are alike. The beach is just over the large, healthy sand dunes. When near these dunes, beware the bug. Mosquitos also love global warming.

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Kelvin said...

Kia ORa (Hello) & Happy New Year from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. I was surfing the blog world when your blog popped up - a great blog & great photos.