Saturday, April 29, 2006

Restin' For Awhile

The Windy is taking a brief rest. A few minor repairs are needed, but first I'm busy restoring our 1982 S10 pickitup truck. The Chebby mechanic who saw it when the tow truck dropped it off sez, "Old school!" At first I wasn't sure if he meant the truck, or me. I think I'll have that name airbrushed on the truck when painting time arrives.

The mechanicals should all be finished in a few days and then it's time to decide on whether to buy new tires for the existing wheels (the current tires have no miles on 'em, but the truck sat unmoved in the garage for 7 years) or invest in some dubs with low 'n wide tires. Then... it's new interior time. Then... it's off for a repaint: deep metallic blue with orange flames. Yikes!

I'll post pictures soon.

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