Thursday, May 04, 2006

The S10's In 'Da House

Ok, got the S10 back from the shop. It's running purdy good now. Gots a new set of lettered tires (decided against rims, since that'd make the truck theft-bait!) and now I'll start planning the paint job and interior mods.

The nebberhood mechanic thinks that the Chebby dealer put a carb made for a 4-banger on the 6-banger he installed back in 1996. I guess it's too late to make a warranty claim! Anyhoo, I hadn't noticed since the truck was driven mebby 100 miles in the last 10 years. An incorrect carb would explain why the truck idles a bit oddly at times. But, it is usable for now.

Cost so far to get the truck moving: $4000.00.

I'll have a better picture later. I'm not Photoshop qualified yet!


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