Thursday, July 27, 2006

Movin' Into The City

Rising gas prices, lengthening drive times to work and play, declining quality of life..... the 'burbs are beginning to suck bigtime. So, time to move back into the city! We're renting a condo for awhile until we find a good one to buy. Here's some pictures of our current digs.
We decided on some amazingly comfortable and inexpensive sitting furniture from Ikea. The table is a relic from the early 1970's.

Beds from Ikea, an ol' quilt make for comfy sleeping. The 'puter is on a rolling table and can be used anywhere. Cats optional.

The walls between the condos, and even between the individual rooms, are cement! Great for sound-proofing!

Lots of shelving from Scandinavia keep the books, magazines, cloth swathes, and videos in some form of organization. You should see all the stuff that is still at the house in the 'burbs. Garage sale coming!

Cookin' them chops in the kitchen. That's eatin'!

Did I mention that cats are optional? Actually, we couldn't do without 'em.

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