Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fixin' Up The House

I'm recovering from a late-summer cold, of all things, so I'll take a moment to update the ol' blog.

We've spent the past couple of months surveying potential livin' quarters to buy in the near downtown area, and so far, the results have kinda been predictable. We've seen hirise condos, townhouses, and low-rise condos that are either too small, too expensive, or both. Sheesh! And, I gotta admit, the suburbs are cleaner than the areas that are supposed to be hot stuff near downtown.

With that in mind, we're renovating the interior of the suburban palace. If someplace else comes along to acquire, then the palace will be ready to sell. If not, we'll be moving back into our big 'ol circa 1975 place.

The kitchen and master bath have already been upgraded nicely. We've fixed up the upstairs bath, and now the front livin' and dinin' room. Next on the list is new paint 'n carpet for the den, carpet for the master bedroom, and new flooring for the entry.

Gotta admit, the ol' place will look sharp! Once this stuff is did, back to motoryhoming.

Livin' room

Dinin' Area

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