Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dusty Britches Tour, 2007

A desert road in Big Bend National Park.
More green than you might expect! There's been lots of rain 'round heah.
The Chihuahua Desert in Tejas.
Lunchtime for kitty in Big Bend National Park. Between a picnic area and a campground.

When the Sunset Limited goes by, the population of Marathon, Tejas temporarily triples!
Sunset in Marathon, Tejas.
The view to the west from our Marathon campsite!

McDonald Observatory. No Big Macs.
A green valley near Ft. Davis, Tejas.

Hill Country streams.

Yummy! A crawdad!

Frog eggs in a Hill Country stream.

A place to sits in Llano, Tejas.
Quats checkin' out the groceries.

Nothin' like good cookin' outdoors!

World's largest beer can!
Wild flowers at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg

Sunset near Fredericksburg, Tejas.
Rv'n in the Tejas Hill Country.

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