Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tejas Hill Country '07 - '08

Campin' in the Hill Country at Buckhorn Lake RV Park near Kerrville, TX. This is the view out the front window. I believe the word is 'bucolic'...

This is the view out the side winder. Ducks are around this park. They were swimming in the stream even when the temperature was below freezing. Tejas has strong ducks.

Home on the range.


The Beast at rest. It was such a hard drive.

I don't care what England sez, 'Stonehinge' is in Tejas. Their's is just a pile of rocks.

I guess evil English lawyers got to the mysterious being who created 'Stonehinge' eons ago, and made the being call his creation 'Stonehenge II'. But I know better. It's a conspiracy.

Texas trailer park.

A winter scene near Gonzales, Tejas.


Some people are never content with the beauty around them. Imagine owning acres in a beautiful Hill Country setting. Why would anyone have the gall to dig up a purdy stream and pile up mounds of dirt? I can only hope this person is making a pond. Of course, it'll be quite a while before this area looks natural again. A shame.

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