Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bolivar Peninsula is now an island

What was Bolivar Peninsula is now three separate islands, and most homes there were destroyed.

“It’s no longer Bolivar Peninsula,” state Rep. Craig Eiland of Galveston said. “It’s an island times three. The roads are cut, and the bridges are out. Residents won’t be back anytime soon.”

No bodies have been found, but officials said the situation was grim. “I’m not Pollyanna,” County Judge Jim Yarbrough said. “I think we’ll find some. We certainly expect to find some.”

Yarbrough said emergency crews were on the ground. He urged the remaining 300 residents to leave on emergency boats and helicopters.

By next week, sheriff’s deputies will institute martial law, forcing remaining residents out of the area.

Transportation to the area is cut off. The Bolivar Ferry will be down for months. There is no estimate on when the service will return.

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