Monday, October 19, 2009

Mexican Riviera Cruise Late 1990s (LA to Cabo)

Arrival in LA.

Long Beach (LA) from 'da boat.

A Carnival ship. A few years later, we cruised the Jubilee out of Galveston.

The cabins were small but comfy.

A day at sea.

Nearing Cabo San Lucas.

Our tub, the Nordic Prince. This nice ol' boat still cruises. The new owners have removed the lounge in the sky.

The harbor at Cabo.

Hangin' out at a bar. Strong margarooties! That ain't me, I'm not that skinny.

The Nordic Prince at night, after a few of them margarooties. Judging from the scrapes on the side of the tub, the cap'n must've had a few last night!

Watching the last tender approach.

Leaving Cabo.

Promenade Deck at night. My favorite place to be, day or night!

Norm Crosby providing a few chuckles before dinner.

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