Thursday, March 04, 2010

Our Motoryhome Fleet

We began motoryhoming late in 2001. This year marks the end of a decade of a whole lotta fun and a little mayhem of motoryhoming. Looking forward to much more travel and sittin' a spell at the campground!

Our first 'un, a 2000 Minnie Winnie made by Winnebago on a Ford F450 Chassis. The original owner only had the unit for a few months and never slept in it. The mattress had the original plastic cover on it! For some reason, he took the 'Minnie' name off the side. The V10 engine was powerful, but the floor in the cab would get a tad toasty on long trips. Pluses: A good size. Easy to drive. Powerful motor. Good for a family of 4. Minuses: Subject to buffeting by passing semis. Big ol' blind spot out back when reversing. Wheelbase too short for length. Noticeable 'bump steer'.

Our current moho, a 2004 Fleetwood Southwind. We bought this 'un in Tucson, Arizona while we were on a trip to Las Vegas. The unit is very roomy with space for me, my lovely bride, mom-in-law, and 3 cats. Pluses: Lots of room. Nice decor. Up high visibility. Powerful HUGE Chebby engine. Allison 5 speed tranny (missed out on the 6 speed by a few months). Heated plumbing area (did I mention a poop slushie flood in the Winnie?). 2 TVs with cable/satellite/surround sound systems. Stable on the road. Minuses: poor initial quality control. Workhorse brake recall. Gas mileage (I guess it's ok since I am driving a house down the road). The dealer keeps the unit for weeks whenever it goes in for work.

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