Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Denver, Colorado

For a few weeks we had been planning a trip with the Windy to camp near Hot Springs, Arkansas. A brake problem forced us to make other plans. I guess the good thing about that is that we might have camped in that area in Hot Springs that flooded, with loss of life. Instead, we headed to Denver in the Tribby.

Denver was on its best behavior with cool evenings and warm, dry days. There was snow in the mountains the week before we got there.

Beastie found his spot for the journey. Guess he was trying to keep his toes warm.

Left foot in Tejas, right foot in New Mexico.

Capulin Mountain, an extinct volcano in New Mexico. You can drive to the caldera and get a great view of the surrounding desert.

Denver Botanical Gardens

City Park

Relaxin' at the B&B. An old brownstone that is being restored.

You gotta drive in the mountains when visiting Denver.

I understand that this is the latest in airliner technology for Southwest Airlines. I'm told it is named after a famous rock group.

More driving in the mountains.

Eating dessert in Vail. Big dessert. Deelishious!

Under the Aspen trees.

Gay pride parade outside the B&B. Lots of fake boobs and underwear. Umm....

Some folks rafting by...

This was as close to off-roadin' that the Tribby got.

Above the clouds.

Penguins at the zoo.
Sorry for the phone photos. Didn't pack the grownup camera.

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