Friday, March 04, 2011

Winter is almost over.

Got a big relief yesterday. You may remember me mentioning that I "blew" the electrical system on Windy back in December by running waaay too many power stuffs. Well, yesterday I fired up the Windy and wondered if there was a circuit breaker somewhere I've missed and sure enuf I turned on the genny and popped the cover and there was a big ol' 30 amp breaker in the off position. I turned it on and voila! Powah restored! TV, Heet, A/C etc. operational.

Only thing left on the fairly immediate list is to replace the switch for the bedroom slide. It's getting a little touchy. Later I can figure out about the rear running lite problem, but I don't plan on any nite driving for a while since there's lots of camping close to the home 20.

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