Sunday, September 04, 2011

One more month a camping for TEH WINDY™ before winter bedtime!

While we lived in Tejas, we were able to RV year 'round, but up here in the frigid northlands, it ain't easy to do that. There's the small, EXPENSIVE problem of freezin' pipes and stuff. I cannot afford $2000.00 worth of plumbing repairs every year! So, for the first time in 'er 7 year lifetime, I will winterize TEH WINDY™ and let 'er slumber for 5 months.

But before we switch to cabins, we got 4 more weeks to camp in the outback! TEH WINDY™ passed her 2 year physical (state inspection) with flying colors the other day.  Don't let me forget to pick up the Colorado license plates on Tuesday.

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