Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Glenwood Springs, Colorado 2011

Got outta town for a couple nights and went to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Enjoyed the mountain air and of course, brew pub bier.

The California Zephyr from, um, Californy sits at the station across the street from our hotel. Please indulge me, I luv trains. We'll probably be taking Amtrak to Grand Junction in a week or so.

 The eastbound Zeph about to disappear in a tunnel entering Glenwood Canyon.

The hotel room hadda nice brick wall.

The view across the river towards the hot springs pool.

The room, late afternoon view.

The room, morning view. We made the bed to show off the quilts, then the maid came by while we were out and done the beds right.

Oh looky, it's the California Zephyr arriving really late from Denver!

A couple a private cars bringin' up the backside.

Our hotel. Nice. Brew pub within!

SHE™ examining an info board at one of several rest stops in Glenwood Canyon.

The view from this rest stop. I 70 in the distance.

Ol' man river, Colorady version. There be trout in there!

The view from yet another canyon rest stop.

A bicycle path at this rest stop. Bicycle paths criss-cross Colorady.

Upper 'n lower deck on I 70.

A high mountain lake along I 70 near Frisco.

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