Saturday, December 22, 2012

Trek to Georgetown and Dillon, CO

We had a beautiful day between snewstorms, so off we drove to the mountains!

Some folks were ice fishin' on a liddle lake in Georgetown. Most of the snew has melted in the sunny areas, but it is nice and deep in the shady parts.

A nicely decorated olde building in Georgetown.

There's lots of shoppes in Georgetown. There's also a tourist railroad.

This liddle bridge over a creek was all decorated up.

Brat 'n kraut 'n fries at the Dillon Dam Brewery.

Dam spicy chili and weeds.

Perusin' the Dam deezert menu.

They brew their own Dam bier.

Dillon Lake has not froze. It was a dam cold day and I stood inna foot of snew to take this iFone picture. BRRRR.

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