Saturday, October 05, 2013

Wandering Colorady

After a Friday of cold, rain, and snew, Saturday dawned sunny and bright. So it's time for a drive to Georgetown, Dillon, and Breckenridge, Colorady. SHE™ found some doll house stuff at a shop in Georgetown. 

There's some color in the Aspen trees and snew on the ground in the higher altitudies.

There's no sitting on the patio at the Dam Brewery in Dillon!

A sampler o' their brews!

They were deelish.

G'bye, Dam Brewery. Off on some more wandering.

We saw a Mini car club from Wyoming touring. Must've been about 30 or so Minis.

A small hotel in Georgetown, run by a French family. Home-cooked French-style breakfast is served every morning.

The scenery along I-70.

 Dillon Reservoir, the main supplier o' deelish water to Denver.


Moar lake views.


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