Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Although DenBRRR itself isn't geographically a huge city, the surrounding metropolitan area is big enough that we are happy to have numerous ways to get around. Here's a pictoral of the various transportation modes available in the DenBRRRRR area.
RTD bus service covers the area. 

Our RTD lite rail is expanding, too.

Of course, you can drive.

Union Station is expanding to be a hotel/Amtrak/lite rail/bus hub for downtown to and from the 'burbs and the rest o' the country.

Daily Californy Zephyr service continues during the Union Station renovation.

DIA is expanding, with new air routes, hotels, lite rail, etc. It's also got some spooky bits!

Wouldn't be Colorady without miles 'n miles of bike paths.

And of course, joggers are everywhere. 

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