Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 Weeks In Colorady/Manitou Springs 2014

Just a short drive from Denver is the burg of Colorado/Manitou Springs. You can have a nice time walking Garden Of The Gods and driving to the top of Pikes Peak. Yeah, the air is rare We enjoyed 2 weeks of doing nothing.

These pictures uploaded completely out of order. Oh well.

 The road leading up Pikes Peak

 Mountain reservoir.

 Looking out over Manitou Springs.

 In Garden Of The Gods. Look ma, no brains!

What really goes on in Cheyenne Mountain?

 Hmm. I believe we've found Big Butt.

 Not my house, dangit.

 Moar GOG.

 RV park in town.

 The gift shop on top of Pikes Peak, over 14000 feet high.

 Hwy. 24, west of the Springs. You can see burn area from last year's fire up to the left. This fire has caused flooding whenever it rains hard.

 The drive to the top of the Peak.

 The view from the top.

 What 'chu lookin' at? Feed me!

 The top of the treeline.

 Alpine rock garden.

 Way up high on the Pike Peak Hwy.

 Montana and Colorady bier faceoff. Result: TIE!

 Mountain trout.

 Buffalo burger.

 KOA Kampground outside of town.


 Local chainsaw art.

The nebbor bought this motoryhome to sell for a profit. That's what he do for a living. He polished my headlite covers, refusing any attempt to reimburse him for his work. Nice fellah. Most RVers are!

 Who took all the oxygen?

Sure, why not buy fudge up heah?

Her 'just take the &%$# picture' look.

That creek in the earlier picture above... this is the same creek up higher in them hills.

This ain't the way to come down the hill.

Colorady sky.

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