Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Trip, Part One: Long Beach, CA Pre-cruise

Hit the road for most of November for a get-away to Southern Californy and a cruise to Mexico. Here's what we did pre-cruise...

 Zane BartholoMEW Slartibartfast could tell something was up.

 Zane's hiding behind the suitcase, trying to figure out how to hide inside.

 On teh road a day early to beat a predicted snew "event".

A red, sporty Camry provided the transportation for the first leg of the trip, until bad tires forced us to acquire a different ride.

 Flagstaff AZ in the distance.

 Christmas stuff is on sale at your local Cracker Barrel.

 Hoisting a brew in AZ.

 Yep. The desert is dry.

 We spent 2 nites pre-cruise on the Queen Mary, a retired ocean liner. Cool place to stay!

 Several Carnival ships berth beside the Queen.

 A very ornate art deco bar on the Queen.

 Long Beach from the Queen.


Hallway on A Deck on the Queen. The deck slants upwards as you walk towards either end. That was common on ocean liners.

 The Queen and a Carnival ship.

 Harbor in Long Beach.

 The classic lines of the olde liner.

 Long Beach from the Queen.

Watching news of the terror attacks in Paris.

Up next, cruisin' to Mexico.

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