Friday, June 05, 2015

Estes Park, Colorady

We're spending a few days in the 'tains northwest of DenBRRRRR. No matter how often we come to Estes Park, we enjoy our visits! Even if it's unseasonably cool 'n wet.

 Setting up at the Jellystone campsite. There's no room for error!

A small creek out back.

 A local bier!

 Mountain trout is my favorite fishie.

 A local bier, part deux.

Elk on the golf course.

Kinda rainy looking at sunset.

Camping in a valley. RMNP in the distance.

A baar sighting!

A 'nother baar sighting!

A bier from nearby Boulder.

A ridiculously-expensive hotel on the creek.

 Did I mention it seems to be rainy season?

A sunny morning in RMNP.

I might try hoss riding one day.

A meadow in the park.

Fleurs are starting to grow.

Hwy. 36, also known as Trail Ridge Road, up above the trees and in the snew.

Teh TRIBBY is happy.

Heading back down.

SHE™wants some coffee.

The view from the campsite.

A ducky in the little creek.

The road to Estes Park.

A 'nother elk posing.

Rain moving in. One night, there were tornados nearby.

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