Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Star Princess Hawai'i Cruise

Mom in law recently passed away, and she once said she wanted her ashes spread in the ocean near Hawai'i. We found a Hawai'i cruise on the Star Princess. Cruise lines arrange ash scatterings at sea on many of their cruises. We took our first cruise on the original Star Princess back in 1992, so this was sort of a homecoming cruise on a new version of that boat.

 Packin' the bags.

 Pikes Peak and part of the Air Force Academy as we drive to LA.

 Teh Tribbie turned 100,000 on the trip. Where did all that dust come from?

 The desert near Tucson.

 Wind power near Palm Springs, CA.

 A nifty Joe's Crab Shack in Seal Beach, CA.

 Sunset near the ocean.

 View of the port at San Pedro, CA seen from the hotel room.

 Nom nom nom.

 The Pacific coast between San Diego and LA.

 Our boat arriving in the early morning.

 A few more hours and we're outta here.

 The balcony cabin.

 Mustard drill.

 And we're off!

 Library/computer lounge.

 The walkway to Skywalkers Lounge.

 Captain Ravera performing the scattering of the ashes.

 A covered swimming area.


 Part of a large buffett restaurant on the boat.

 Around the boat.

 On the Big Island.

 A botanical garden on the Big Island.

 I don't trust tourist subs.

 Honolulu and Waikikikikikikikiki.

 Froze drank with a rum chaser.

 Nom nom nom, Part Two.

 Getting off teh boat off the shore of Maui.

 Nice hotel, munchies, and beach on Maui.

 Time to leave Maui and Hawai'i.

 The Piazza on teh boat.

 Medical evacuation at sea. We were almost to Mexico. 2 helicopters out of San Francisco  arrived.

 Ensenada, Mexico.

 A couple days in San Diego after the cruise.

 Yes, it rained.

 Desert fun near Yuma.

 Our favorite Marriott in Albuquerque.


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