Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Houston Livestock Show. Yeee Hawww!

Today was sunny and warm. Must be all the methane in Houston's air due to the livestock show and rodeo. Anyhoo, the bride and me hopped the lite rail to Reliant Center and enjoyed all the food, sights, and smells, and I do mean smells, of the livestock show. There was quite a crowd. By the time we left, the hordes were pouring in the gates. Metro was running the lite rail trains at two minute intervals, and the trains heading into the Reliant Center were packed!

The train cometh.

This is why Houstonians are considered to be amongst the fattest folks in the Nation! Them taters were goooooood!

Das Boot.

Haaaappy Traaaails tooo yoooooo... On a quilt at the show.

A baby 'roo!

A metal (brr) bedpan guitar!

A big honkin' super-duper Texas-sized pickum-up truck! Just what yew need to haul that fat (see the giant grill above), um, backside, around the back 40!!

I've heard in the news that there has been a mysterious disappearance of bees around the country. It appears they are all headed down here to the livestock show!

Do not eat this egg. The chick will be mad.

Future KFC.

Future Quarter Pounder With Cheese.

"Don't make me spit in your eye!"

The swimmin' pig gets dried off. Sorry, I missed the picture of the actual swimmin'.

A cutting horse ... cutting.

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