Tuesday, February 27, 2007

San Antonio In January, Brrrrrr!

I take vacation at odd times. This year, it was January. Well, we decided to stay close and go to San Antonio for a few days. It was the coldest weather of the winter. But it was restful.

Nothing like a warm cat on a cold day!

Yawn, beddy-bye time!

Icy Steps. We had sleet for two or three days. No snue, sadly.

Hot coffee is a good thing on a day like this!

It was nice and warm inside the 'Windy! Sorry, I couldn't resist it!

Some bric-a-brac in the bedroom.

A house in Castroville. Castroville was founded by Alsatians from France. It is the next big thang for booming San Antonio. Soon, this town will be a big suburban area. Right now, it is still quaint and tidy.

A French style cheese shoppe in Castroville.

This was one of only two sunny days during our vacation.

Brew and food in Fredericksburg. In the hill country.

An old hospital. Now a shoppe.

The house where Admiral Nimitz was born is now... you guessed it, a shoppe.

The Beastie having a 'meow'.

The Windy, ready to head for home.

A beauty-ful rest stop. Unlike some states, Texas not only has nice rest stops, you can even stay a while to actually rest! Overnight is OK.

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