Sunday, February 03, 2008

Farm Fresh Onions

Robert Earl Keen's song, 'Farm Fresh Onions' epitomizes what's good about the Tejas Hill Country. This bit o' heaven is becoming more popular as many retirees are building retirement houses on the beautiful hillsides. Never-the-less, the spirit o' the Hill Country will live on as more and more folks move there to enjoy natural beauty.

Farm Fresh Onions:

Truth is all I'm looking for
From town to town
And door to door
Happiness is nothing more
Than Sunday at the zoo
Ridin’ high inside the wires
Is the sum of all my desires
Earth and rain
All I want is love for me and you
Farm fresh onions

Big and round
Sweet and real
Good to eat and they appeal
To anyone who wants a meal
It’s sure to fortify
Kiss the stars
And sweat the ears
It appears that all your fears
Won’t bring to you those happy tears
It feels so good to cry
Farm fresh onions...

Now that's poetry.

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