Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mo' Hill Country

Wednesday. Austin, TX. Blue skies. Slightly chili, er, chilly. Lotsa hot air from the Capitol building.

Thursday. On the road to Marble Falls, TX. Wandering along a ridge trail. A herd o' wild turkeys wanders past. There goes a fox! Blue skies, room temperature. Inks Lake, near Marble Falls, TX. Watching a red-headed wood pecker a' pecking. There goes a racoon...

Friday, Near Boerne, TX. Colorado River flowing slowly over loose, polished gravel. Steep sandstone cliffs on the other side o' the river.

Bandera, TX 77 degrees. Sunny. Blue skies. It's so dry that my wrinkles have wrinkles. Et some 'Hubba Bubba Barbeque' boneless ribs. Every other vehicle is a pickup truck. There goes a cowboy riding a horse in town. Ooops. Someone needs to clean up the horse doo on the street. Chili cookoff starts Saturday. Um, well, I have to be at work this weekend, so's I'll be missing the heartburn.

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