Thursday, October 23, 2008

T - 2

The Windy is resting for now, all clean and loaded with clothes and um, cat litter...

I had fun airing up the fronts. I had to remove the purdy chrome wheel covers so the air pump fitting would screw on tight. It takes the pump about one minute per pound of air, but after a while the tyres were properly inflated. I did manage to blow a fuse.

I'm gonna wait until after this trip to do the digital tv thingy. I do think that I have a broken antenna, so I'll pack an antenna that I can rig outta sight inside. Gotta be careful with those outside antennae.

I remember one time, leaving a park on the beach down in Galveston, I noticed someone twirling their hand in the air. That's the universal motorhomer's sign for, "Hay, stooopid, you left your antenna up!" I think the antenna just broke because of old age, or over-exuberant cranking.

Oh, did I mention that I've shined the tyres? Lookin' showroom fresh!

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