Friday, May 29, 2009

Galveston Recovers From Himmicane Ike

GALVESTON — Black ribbons and sentimental poems festooned the skeletal remains of some of Galveston’s stateliest trees today as forestry officials toured areas flooded by Hurricane Ike.

“Thanks for keeping us cooler and cleaner and standing without complaint for years and years,” read one note attached to a leafless live oak near the University of Texas Medical Branch. “Goodbye.”

Galveston lost as much as 80 percent of its tree canopy as a result of the Sept. 13 immersion in salty bay water, experts said today.

Many oak trees died from the salt water that flooded the island during Himmicane Ike.

A comfy room at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort.

The pool.

The pool lights change color at nite.

The pool bar at nite. It actually was hoppin' with live blues music.

The beach across the street.

Morning in Galveston.

Twilight falls on the beach.

Galveston's west beach.

Lunch. For the birds.

Galveston Island seen from Pelican Island. Pelican Island is very desolated.

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