Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nacogdoches, July 2009

Thinking we could escape the heet in Houston, we took off for our old haunt, the college town of Nacogdoches, TX. Needless to say, the heet followed us.

Downtown 'Doches has cobblestone streets. Quaint.

Apparently God owns a hotel. The 'Godtel'.

This is an ancient indian burial mound that someone thoughtfully cut their driveway into.

The Fredonia Inn, built in the 1950s. It has a certain New Orleans charm, doesn't it?

The old and the new architecture of the SFA campus. The older buildings were there when we were students. Um, they were old buildings then, too, 'k?

Older and not quite as old dorms.

Nacogdoches is Elkhart South, with a Foretravel motorhome factory. These high-end RVs are probably out of your range, too. But we can drool if we want. The frame is a mystery to me, since Foretravel hasn't built a front end diesel in years. Must've belonged to an old model. The green 'n cream unit is one of the last Grand Villas built. Very rare. And still rather expensive. Prices for Foretravels range from extravagant to breath-taking, so we won't mention them here. You can go to their website and see for yourself!

The road to Jacksonville, TX, where I endured high school and got my first taste of college.

Lon Morris Junior College, where me 'n the bride met, and we got our first real college degrees.

This is the chapel of the Methodist Church where me 'n the bride got married in June of........ 1973. The church is for sale.

The Tomato Bowl. In the event that JHS beats a competitor in football, a light shines on the totem pole. The high school team name was the now politically-incorrect 'Indians'. What that has to do with tomatoes is unclear.

The house that our family bought new back in the day. It still looks good!

Lake Jacksonville, minus the concession that was there back in the day.

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