Tuesday, August 23, 2011

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Time Trials In Colorady Springs!

Spent Sunday and Monday in Colorady Springs to watch the Pro Cycle time trials, which is Stage 0 of the 1st US Pro Challenge race in Colorady. Lots of famous riders showed up. The race is all this week and is televised on VERSUS. 

Click on the pictures below for the HUGE version of the photos.

Olde Towne Colorado Springs hosted a car shew the day before the time trials.

The Windy alongside a stream.

We gots to the course, which was two blocks from the campground, early.

Pike's Peak looms over the time trial course in Manitou Springs.

House built into the rocks, sort of.

Gotta keep the stones off of the course.

Taking a practice ride before the trials.


After practicing down the course, yew gotta ride back up to the start.

A practice run beside an official vehicle which apparently has run over some of the local wildlife. Heh heh heh......

Part of the large crowd waiting for the time trials to begin.

If you own the place, you get to sit on the roof.

Colorado Springs EMTs and the medical car.

VERSUS TV eye in the sky.

Practice ride before the time trials began.

VERSUS TV crew! The camera man asked me to step back after taking my pics of the riders whizzing by. Guess the world got a picture of my ample backside (I was wearing black pants and a red shirt if any of you noticed....)

"Whut'chew lookin' at?!"

Nosebleed seats, especially if you fall off!

 The team car follows close behind with a spare bike and a mechanic.

 Ben Hermans

 Andy Schleck, 2nd Place, Le Tour De France!

Levi Leipheimer 

 Cadel Evans, 2011 Winner, Le Tour De France

We'll watch the rest of the race on TV until Thursday's time trial in Vail. We'll go to Vail early and try to find a good spot along the route or mebby park and watch the race at the starting line. I really don't want to drive the Windy up theah and then not be able to find a spot to park it. We'll see...

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