Thursday, January 15, 2015

Magic Cruise Part One

While down in Galveston, we took a return cruise on the Carnival Magic. A fine bote!

 Paid a little extra to park teh WINDY and teh TRIBBY at the port.

 We got to the lot early, so hung around in the motoryhome for a while.

 Soon we were onboard, relaxin' in the lobby o' the bote.

 A liddle wine...

Watched the dock activities from our Cove cabin. 

 The Galveston Webcam Guy caught SHE™ and me as the bote headed out!

 And we're off!

 Galveston recedes into the distance.

 The port wants their pilot back.

 Really nice sunset, idn't it?

 A Cove Cabin is a balcony cabin close to the water. Really close to the water!

 Brought some friends along.

 The chill weather followed us down from DenBRRRRRRR.

 Oh look, an old friend docked in Key West. It'sa nice bote!

 Condohs at Key West.

 The Magic at the dock.

 I took an artsy-fartsy picture!

 Some souvenirs left at the original Sloppy Joe's Bar...

 Now, thazza truck!

 What to eat....?

 'nother bote.


 Seafood salade.

 Key West version of a Cuban sammich and a Mediterranean salade. Did I spel that rite?

 Key West condoh.

 Inside the cabin.

Leaving Key West.

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