Thursday, January 15, 2015

Magic Cruise Part Two

Yes, thazza Celebrity ship in drydock!

 After Key West, we visited Freeport. We stayed on the bote and watched the happenings in the harbor. And enjoyed a less crowded Magic!

 Next up, in the early mornin' distance is Nassau.

 Uh oh, did the trainee just get bamboozled by that driver?

 This fellah fixed up some mighty fine guacamole dip!

 Some strange goings on at Senor Frogs.

 Atlantis looks nice.

 What chu lookin' at?

 For some reason there was a Cat In The Hat.

 Country music trivia. I don't do country music.

 Puttering along on the way back to Galveston.

 Beer 'n ball!

 Last nite on da bote.

 Hay, I ain't getting off da bote in that!

 Hard, cold rain!

Whatta dank morning...

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