Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wintah, So Far...

 Wintah season started with no snew. Near the condoh, looking towards downtown and the Rockies.

Fleurs were still in bloom.

Yep, eventually the cold weather came. Didn't stop us from eatin' Papadeaux!

Al Roker, during his weather marathon, laffing at my rather long Twitter handle.

Looking towards the DenBRRRRR tech center from Cherry Creek State Park.

Ducks don't care if'n it's cold.

Steam rising off the reservoir on a chill morninging.

 Snew and gooses out behind teh condoh.

Colorady state capitol on a non-snewy day. The newly-restored gilt dome looks good.

Pikes Peak in the distance.

Beautiful red outcroppings in Colorady Springs.

Snew out behind teh condoh.

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